Saturday, October 10, 2009

Back from Africa

Well, I must say that it was an interesting event. I still cannot say much about the details except to praise the team for their hard work and dedication. There are many good things going on and many frustrations, but I hopefully have given them a technical boost in their operations.

I was there on a tech consult and the situation wasn't something where I could go around preaching or witnessing on the street. I did get a chance to try to strengthen one local fellow believer and I pray that my testimony helps him out. It wasn't a direct spiritual thing, the team there can handle that, but more of an outlook on life to be strived for.

I saw God move in His time more than once during my stay and now I must pray that He granted me the wisdom to allow the team to make the best decisions from my advice. He also managed to teach me a few things about meekness after I ran across a couple of situations that made me want to go through the roof, but after I inquired into the details, I saw even more reason for allowing things to move in His timing.

I will say I saw some beautiful souls there. I know that I did spend much time with one young worker there who I wish I could have been more like. He has avoided the staining with the world (and the price in pain that went with it) that I have gone through in my life and I love him for it. Of course, God works in His own way and my time spent turned away from God equipped me in many ways to do other things. I have no problem being the one who puts the axe to the brush and plows the ground so that men like those I met there can plant the seed and harvest it. If God wants that to be my lot, then I will be happy in it. I just hope He will direct my work so that it is pleasing to Him and helps His Glory shine before men.

Now, I will spend my time back here, using the talents God has given me to try to get these new brothers some material support for their work to see if I can help smooth their paths as they do their work. I know that sounds pompous, but between not being able to write details and trying to express everything, this is just the way it comes out.

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