Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What to do?

I just noticed on a forum I used to frequent, that this got posted a few days ago.

Message Board Mission Statement

There are the simple goals that the board wishes to achieve:

• Providing a forum for Christians to gather under one fellowship.
• Strengthening believers in evangelism, discipleship, and edification for personal growth.
• Promoting awareness within the Christian community of current world events; predicted in scripture; of Bible prophecy
• Providing news & websites voicing politics from a Christian perspective.
• Providing websites & discussions exposing deceptive cults, apostasy, heresy, false doctrine, and false teachings.
Nice, right? There is also an extensive post on "Dishonesty" by one of the "super" mods which goes into all the "bad" things people with emphasis on the poor, long suffering mods. Well, having been a "poor, long suffering mod" myself on another (and larger) group of forums, I can understand that part. I always considered it part of the job I had volunteered to do for the community. The last "bump" of this post had an interesting comment:
...we have enough work to do with trolls, but it really hurts my heart when fellow brothers and sisters in Christ sign up in order to cause division on the forum or make the board look unChristian or mean spirited. Very un-Christ like, I think your spirits need to be checked and look at the big picture, not just your personal vendettas. What you do in secret, shows your real character...sadly there are many trees showing rotten fruit, and for what? Think on that.
The problem comes when my "title" is "Shunned One", because despite my being open, I was allowed to be stalked, harassed and vilified by another user with the full and complete cooperation of certain members of the mod team. My "sin" that led me being shunned? I spoke against the use of lies in any "defense" of the Gospel, I showed several "good Christian" posters that they were holding heretical positions and (most important) I showed that several of the members of the mod team were also holding heretical positions. In fact, these mod team members with their statements, covering for violations of forum rules and altering of threads (justified by my "sin" of being a Freemason who happens to do Christian apologetics and able to prove their foolishness) are causing the divisions.

Oh, and I cannot be accused of joining to cause divisions, I was a member before some of these mods (long before) and the "problem" started when I simply corrected some factual errors in an accusation.

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