Thursday, December 18, 2008

Freemasonry & Antimasons

Once again, there is a swelling tide of antimasonic sentiment, driven by those that claim to be Christians. Again, the problem is lack of knowledge. I've been asked why I remain a Freemason in the face of such beliefs, since I might be the cause of a being a "stumbling block" to some of my Christian brothers and sisters who believe some of the chicken stuff about Masonry. There are several reasons:

1) No lie is of the truth and the Gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ needs no "defending" from any social group by lies. Antimasons who claim to be Christians lie. Some tell outright lies and others simply quote things out of context (and a text out of context is a pretext for a proof text), then build their edifice on this.
2) Many Scriptures are quoted to "prove" the point of the antimasons and in every case I've seen, the Scripture cited does not apply to Masons, but actually applies to the antimasons or requires special pleading for the special case of being used against Freemasonry.
3) As a lay apologist, I've dealt with atheists, Christ deniers, Christ mythers and other dubious sorts. They have a certain pattern to the way they present their case. I've recently studied a few heretical Christian groups beliefs and they share a similar pattern. Guess what, antimasons who claim to be Christian share those exact same patterns.
4) All of the big sources of "Christian" antimasonry have something to sell you. There is evidently some money to be made in a "ministry to Masons" or telling the "real deal". I've caught a couple of items online with antimasonic teachers/preachers who are giving a "real deal" expose of Freemasonry and amusingly enough, within a very few minutes, they let you know you can get the real "real deal" for a donation to their ministry either from the table on the back or by calling their toll free number.
5) Shoddy scholarship. I mean seriously, this is stupid. Dan Brown writing his fictional The DaVinci Code has better scholarship that these antimasons. The Christ mythers who claim that Christianity is nothing more than redone paganism have a lot better case (and you can knock that one over with a feather).

I'm sorry, I do not submit before the self appointed modern Inquisitors of the Faith. I don't care what denomination they are.

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